Digital marketing is a broad term and a “buzzword” describing any marketing done on the internet. Google ads, social media ads, review profiles, SEO, pay per click, etc. are all examples, but the cornerstone of digital marketing is your company website.

In today’s world, websites are essential. Patients exposed to your brand will often search out your website for more information before calling. Therefore, a digital presence is a must, and it must check specific boxes in your patients’ minds in order to lead to appointments, starting with consistency across media. When your branding elements all match, visitors will be confident that they found the right dentist.

With 40 years of research, we know what patients are looking for and what they care about. We use that information to create effective websites for our clients. Here are a couple of things we focus on.

Ease of Use

Your website must be easy to use. Patients who encounter a confusing or complicated website, who can’t find the information they are looking for, may assume that accessing care at your practice will be equally difficult. An effective website is easy to navigate, making it a breeze for patients to find the information they were seeking. By answering their questions and making it abundantly easy to contact your practice, an effective website generates calls that result in appointments.

Clear Benefits

We’re not necessarily talking about insurance benefits here—though insurance is an important topic to patients—but things that your patients will find to be beneficial to them. For example, convenient hours are a benefit to busy patients—let’s face it, that’s pretty much all of your best patients—so those hours should be clearly visible on your website.

Do you know what your patients value and expect of you? Rather than relying on instincts and anecdotes, we have been researching patient behaviors, expectations, perceptions and much more for over 40 years. We can guide your website to highlight the parts of your practice that your patients will find valuable in order to trigger them to reach out and make an appointment.


Of course, patients need to find your website first before they can experience the ease of use and read about the benefits of going to your practice. Whether they are looking for your practice specifically or for a dentist near them, your website must come up on the first page of their search results, if not the very top result.

How do you do that? Know the phrases patients are searching. According to our research, 25.3% of visits to your website resulted from searches of the practice name or doctor name, while 7.2% of visits were from searches for dentists in the area. An effective website uses those keywords, signalling to search engines that it is worthy of being on the first page of results.

Our standard chrisad websites are configured to come up at the top of those basic searches. However, we also offer a slew of supplemental services that go even further, including more advanced SEO implementations, Google ads, review management, chat services and much more.