A Combined 125 Years of In-Office Growth Management Experience

Having worked in dental offices all over the world, our team knows very well that traditional advertising by itself doesn’t guarantee bottom line profit. Your chrisad Rep will ensure there are no roadblocks to patients entering your practice & give you the tools to enjoyably grow for decades to come.

Chrisad’s Growth Guidance Includes:

  • Profitability Analysis & Evaluation
  • Staff Training & Recruitment
  • Communications Scripting
  • Schedule Optimization
  • Tools to Motivate Your Team
  • Growth Checkup Meetings
  • Steps for Adding Associates
  • How to Reduce Chair Time
  • Tools to Get Wealthier Patients
  • How to Open Additional Offices

A Team Approach to Growing Your Dental Practice

Each chrisad client has their own dedicated team of dental marketing specialists, including a local Growth Management Representative who will visit your practice regularly to give specialized training to you & your staff & help keep track of trends in your marketplace.

Your chrisad team will keep an eye on potential roadblocks to your growth & help you break through them when they occur. If a problem arises, we may even recommend you suspend your marketing campaigns until it’s resolved & you’re back on the right track.

What’s best for the patient is best for the practice, & what’s best for the practice is best for you & your staff.


“With the guidance & support of chrisad, I’ve hired an associate, expanded my hours & my hygiene team is producing more than many dentists I know. I have less stress & I’m growing by at least 20% a year. I don’t know if I would have had the courage or know-how to accomplish this without chrisad.”

– James P. Alexander III, DMD (St. Augustine, FL)


We Make it Easy for Our Dentists to Have More New Patients, Happier Staff & More Enjoyable Lives!

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