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Together, we form the strongest private practice advocacy group in the world.

For over four decades, chrisad has been providing research-based marketing & best-practice recommendations for dentists. We focus on bringing dentists more new patients, more referrals, more treatment acceptance, increased patient retention & higher production. If you want to know the exceptional value of our company, please take some time to listen to our practice owner partners in their own words

dr. alexander and his family

“I recently took two whole weeks away from my practice for the first time in 8 years. The best part: I didn’t have any stress or worry about it!

With the guidance & support of chrisad, I’ve hired an associate, expanded my hours & my hygiene team is producing more than many dentists I know. I have less stress & I’m growing by at least 20% a year. I don’t know if I would have had the courage or know-how to accomplish this without chrisad.

It’s truly not enough to just be good anymore, especially in the midst of all the insurance & corporate infiltration of the profession. I’m in the process of buying land to build a bigger practice, hire more associates & make more money while working less. Thanks again.”


–James P. Alexander III, DMD
St. Augustine, FL

“I have been a chrisad client since 2011 & since that time my dental practice has experienced 10-fold growth in all key practice parameters. They are the number one growth company in dentistry because all of their methods are evidence-based in nature, without room for opinions & experimentation. Chrisad has allowed me to continue practicing dentistry if I wish & still maintain a productive & profitable practice with, or sometimes better, without me!”


–Sal Aragona, DDS
Clinton Township, MI

dr aragona
dr. dale and his family

“Chrisad has been instrumental in helping us overcome our barriers to practice growth through their marketing strategies & consulting expertise. They offer us great direction & are very responsive to our needs.”


–Kenneth Dale, DDS
New Albany, IN


“If you truly want to change the life of your practice & receive the one-on-one attention your practice needs, chrisad Select Academy is KEY! We always leave with personalized practice goals for OUR own practice growth! Select Academy has quickly become one of my top recommendations…no matter what level your practice is on!”


–Theresa Dale
New Albany, IN

Guaranteed Success

Because chrisad’s dental marketing & growth management services are backed by the world’s largest library of dental consumer behavior data, there is no guesswork or limitation to your potential success. Our dental patient research is conducted annually with Northwestern University & we build all of our marketing products on the backbone of this research. Call us to discuss how chrisad can start growing your practice by 20% within 30 days!