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Dr. Ryan Koenig & Kristi Rathbun, Operations Director – Fox Creek Family Dental – Five offices in Colorado   This amazing multi-office practice will show you how quickly & easily the right strategy & mindset can jump-start a practice! They will share the steps they took to recently GROW from $600,000/mo. production to $1.1 million/mo. IN JUST A FEW MONTHS!! They’ll also discuss scheduling, team building & operational organization.

Dr. Steve Mascarin & Sherry Fitzpatrick – Two Offices Ontario, Canada    Since opening his fifth scratch office in mid-2017, this time adhering to all the principles in chrisad’s scratch manual, Steve, along with Sherry, took this small 2,000-square-foot, seven-op office from $0 to $7 million in under 24 months. With his recent expansion to 12 ops, the projected revenue by the end of 2021 is $14 million. Steve & Sherry will share their team’s core values, culture, recruiting & onboarding techniques. They will explain the unique systems they developed for a consistent & predictable customer journey, covering every single touch point that synergizes perfectly with the chrisad model. They will also share their big plans & vision for their two new locations opened in 2021.

Steven Weidler – CEO of Smith Dental Care – Four offices in Georgia     Steven will talk about Smith Dental Care’s extraordinary practice growth since joining chrisad, when they were seeing 2 new patients & approximately $50,000 in production per month. They NOW see 2,009 new patients per month & produce $1,658,000.00 per month!

Sheela Roth, RDH – Penrod Dental Care – Orange County, CA   This outstanding practice has been partnered with chrisad for almost two decades. Sheela will review how they’ve expanded & maximized their hygiene department. Once a $0 chrisad “scratch” office, they are now producing $700,000 a month out of 15 chairs…recently added 6 chairs! 

Dr. Cedric Lewis – Three offices in Honolulu   In his presentation, Dr. Cedric Lewis will talk about servant leadership & how it drives growth…& allows him to prosper while out of the chair. He uses these principles in his own offices, growing them from $0 (chrisad scratch practices) to now seeing 585 new patients & producing $1,148,624/mo.

Justin Coke – CEO of 7 to 7 Dental – Seven offices in San Antonio, TX    Since joining chrisad, this outstanding client has grown from approximately 70 new patients & $80,000/mo. in production to NOW 1,626 new patients & $3 million in production! Over the years he has spoken on every conceivable topic relating to dental practice management, so this year he will open the floor to you to ask him anything you’d like.

Mandy Dennis, RDH – Hygiene Director, 7 to 7 Dental – Seven offices in San Antonio, TX   As 7 to 7 Dental’s hygiene director, Mandy will talk about how to run an efficient hygiene team. Many times dental offices fail at assisted hygiene & growing their hygiene department because they haven’t properly prepared. Some offices assume assisted hygiene takes away the personal touch of the appointment because they don’t understand the how & why! One of the reasons hygienists hate change is fear. Learn how to grow your hygiene department with processes that will help your team feel proud about the care they provide. Prepare your team with ways to be successful so they’ll wonder why they ever did anything else before assisted hygiene!

Anthony Viazis, DDS, MS – Founder & CEO of Fastbraces® – Dallas, TX     This is a worldwide revolution in orthodontics! This is a patented, perfected…& stunningly effective NEW system of straightening teeth…at up to half the cost & half the time of yesterday’s ortho…using ASSISTANTS! Amazing results for you & your patients! Some clients start a case a day!

John Christensen, MS Founder & CEO, chrisad   John has been uniquely effective in guiding U.S. & worldwide dental practices since 1980. In 2019, chrisad clients produced a combined $6 billion, representing growth of approximately $1 billion over 2018. Based on his pioneering 4 decades of dental practice & patient-consumer research & evidentiary data, unprecedented patient attitude & behavior studies & more in-person visits to dental practices than anyone in the world, John has grown more practices FAR larger & more rapidly than anyone. He’ll divulge NEW SECRETS & implications of chrisad/Northwestern University’s NEW 2021 post-COVID consumer research findings, how to deal with increased cancellations & how to work fewer hours, care for more patients at a higher level & prosper WHILE THE SENIOR/OWNER DOCTOR IS OUT OF THE CHAIR!