Our outstanding friend & client Dr. Todd Bickling has had enormous success with targeted end-of-year promotions. While we generally prefer that our client practices take a LONG VIEW whereby patients are cumulatively RETAINED in hygiene over many decades…we fully support focused efforts like this.

Dr. Bickling specifically targeted patients who had large treatment plans with high out-of-pocket expenses & offered a significant discount on their treatment. In his first year doing this promotion, he had about $50K in production…in just one day!

By the second year, his office produced $86K in one day, & in the third, his production had doubled to a staggering $165K in production, including 14 Invisalign(r) starts…in ONE DAY!

With December & January being the highest insurance-related production months of the year, there are ample opportunities for YOU to offer similar promotions at your office. Learn more today about how we can help your practice have the best production day of the year!