Don't leave money on the table in unutilized insurance benefits.There’s no doubt that this has been a strange year. Most dental practices were closed to “elective” dentistry for at least a couple of months at the beginning of the COVID-19 health scare. Thankfully, practices are back open & running as usual, albeit with some additional safety protocols, but those couple of months away can hit your yearly production levels in a big way.

As we approach the end of the year, it’s very likely that many dental patients have skipped a teeth cleaning appointment or delayed some treatment indefinitely. In fact, we know they have.

A random audit of our clients indicated that practices are facing an average of $1,868,842.03 in unaccepted treatment. A large portion of these patients have unutilized dental insurance benefits that would cover this care. Do you know how much money your practice is leaving on the table in 2020?

A Good Plan of Action Is Backed by Data

Before jumping into action to get patients in & using their remaining insurance benefits, it’s important to do your homework & make a plan. Here are some questions to ask:

  • How many patients have pending treatment & an unmet maximum?
  • How many patients have unutilized insurance benefits & how much?
  • How many patients never came in for their second (or even first) cleaning & exam this year?
  • How much is each hygiene appointment worth, in terms of average production per exam? (The average production per exam for chrisad clients is $770.)
  • Do you have the capacity you need to accommodate all those patients as well as new patients you want to welcome in?

What We Can Do For Your Practice

This data about your practice should inform your decisions at any time of the year. It will help you decide where to focus your attention, which patients to target & what kind of marketing to initiate. At chrisad, we have the expertise from over 4 decades of dental-only patient behavioral research to help you take that data & turn it into practice growth.

You Can’t Improve What You Don’t Track

With less than a month left in 2020, it’s coming down to the wire, but it is not too late to get patients in & your production up. Call us today to see where your practice stands & discover the potential hiding in unutilized insurance.