Speakers & Presentations

John Christensen, MS – Founder & CEO, chrisad

He oversees $3 billion/year of dental billing! Caring for our valued Canadian clients since 1995, John has been uniquely effective in guiding worldwide practices since 1980. With the help of his outstanding chrisad team…& based on his company’s pioneering 43 years of extensive & continual dental practice & dental patient-consumer research & data…& more in-person visits to practices than anyone in the world… John has directed more extraordinary & enjoyable practice growth…while guiding more dds out of the chair (as much as they want!!)…while increasing their personal income…than anyone in the world!!

Dr. Steve Mascarin – Taunton Village Dental & Georgetown Village Dental Toronto Area

Their $0 chrisad “scratch” office that opened just a few years ago is now very profitably producing (record-breaking) $1.35 million per chair…per year…on only 12 chairs while the owner is commonly away! Dr. Mascarin will discuss how they manage hygiene as an always-growing compounding annuity!

Dr. Fadi Swaida – Multiple Offices Toronto Area

Dr. Swaida is an absolutely brilliant dental practice manager & has developed a number of outstanding office managers. One of his offices produces $1 million per chair per year…& many of his other offices are working toward that end! In addition, he has opened multiple chrisad scratch offices to great success. He travels a great deal…& rarely (if ever) touches a drill!

Justin Coke, CEO – 8 Offices San Antonio, Texas

This extraordinary dental practice manager grew his practice from one office producing $80,000/month…to now where their eight offices produce up to $2.7 million per month with as many as 1,832 new patients per month! He will explain firsthand his always-increasing expertise related to the practice growth & cumulative patient retention process. He has helped guide hundreds of practitioners to higher levels of prosperity…& can help you as well!

Dr. Joan Laura – Syracuse, New York

Dr. Joan was recently a struggling solo practitioner, producing only $22,000/month & declining. She was frustrated, hurting, dejected & disillusioned. Now, after chrisad, she is approaching $200,000/month & her life is far better. Now she’s planning extensive vacations. You cannot miss her story! Learn how you can use proven methodology to similarly enjoyably grow 9x!

Presentations will be available after the event.