Speakers & Presentations

John Christensen, MS, Founder & CEO, chrisad – Corte Madera

Chrisad’s approximately 1,500 dentist clients grew by approx. $420 MILLION in 2023 v 2022! He has cared for California dental clients since 1980. Based on 4+ DECADES of EXTENSIVE & CONTINUAL dental practice & dental patient-consumer research & data…& more in-person visits to practices than anyone in the world…John has DIRECTED MORE EXTRAORDINARY & ENJOYABLE practice growth…while GUIDING MORE DESERVING DDS OUT OF THE CHAIR (when they want!)…while INCREASING THEIR PERSONAL INCOME…than anyone in the world.

Sheela Roth,  Former Officer Manager at Penrod Dental Care – Rancho Santa Margarita

This outstanding once chrisad “SCRATCH” practice has worked alongside of chrisad for nearly two decades. Regularly & rapidly growing, Sheela will review how they’ve expanded & maximized their hygiene department…recently adding a number of operatories…starting from $0 & recently producing $700,000 a month…now out of 15 chairs..

Dr. Mike Chang – San Leandro

Over our two decades of working together, this OUTSTANDING clinician & practice manager has grown his one-office EAST BAY location from as low as 19 new patients a month & $181,000/month production…to recently 193 new patients per month & a (projected) $1.3 million this month. He will share his thoughts on practice organization, the process of growing & prospering while out of the chair…& much more!

Nate Schott – 5 Offices – Nashville, Tennessee

This extraordinary practitioner grew his practice to $20 million per year while he was 100% away from the chair…traveling & relaxing. He will explain basic steps as to why you should never sell your practice…& how to enjoyably manage your practice for always-increasing income. He has helped guide hundreds of practitioners to higher levels of prosperity…& can help you as well!

Dr. Hibret Benjamin – San Francisco

Located in a tall building…at the north end of San Francisco…Dr. Benjamin’s amazing office has absolutely NO VISIBILITY…but just look at what she & her team have accomplished! While her new patient count was at six per month & production $58,000 per month not that long ago…after chrisad she is now producing up to $387,000 per month with 113 new patients per month. She’ll discuss how she blew out the walls of her once three-operatory facility to add operatories…& now is looking for even more room! You can’t miss hearing her!