Speakers & Presentations

George Grajeda, Office Manager for Dr. David Green – Boynton Beach & Lake Worth, FL

Starting at $0 & 0 patients in 2000, this extraordinary practice has grown up to $831,651/month in AUGUST…with 242 new patients & 12 operatories in the Boynton Beach office alone. The Lake Worth office is opening from “scratch” with $0 & 0 patients this week. George has extraordinary academic credentials. He was the CEO of our multi-office GUATEMALA CITY practice that…with chrisad’s assistance…grew 10x under his guidance…with one scratch office attracting over 1,000 new patients in its first month. Short Q/A period at the end.

Justin Coke

Justin Coke, CEO of 7 to 7 Dental – 8 Offices – San Antonio, TX

This extraordinary dental practice manager grew his practice from one office producing $80,000/month…to now where their EIGHT offices produce up to $2.7 million per month with as many as 1,832 new patients per month! He will be explaining firsthand his always-increasing expertise related to the practice growth & cumulative patient retention process. Short Q/A period at the end.

Dr. Nate Schott – 5 Offices – Nashville, TN

This extraordinary practitioner grew his practice to $20 million per year while he was 100% away from the chair…traveling & relaxing. He will explain basic steps as to why you should NEVER SELL YOUR PRACTICE…& how to enjoyably manage your practice for always-increasing income. He has helped guide hundreds of practitioners to higher levels of prosperity…& can help you as well! Short Q/A period at the end.

John Christensen, MS – Founder & CEO, chrisad

John has been uniquely effective in guiding U.S. & worldwide practices since 1980. Chrisad clients produce a combined $6 BILLION…growing by approx. $1 billion a year! Based on his company’s pioneering 4+ DECADES of EXTENSIVE & CONTINUAL dental practice & dental patient-consumer research & data…& more in-person visits to practices than anyone in the world… John has DIRECTED MORE EXTRAORDINARY & ENJOYABLE practice growth…while GUIDING MORE DDS OUT OF THE CHAIR (when they want!)...& INCREASING THEIR PERSONAL INCOME…than anyone in the world.

Dr. Bleiler

Dr. Sharon Bleiler & Colin Ambler – Jenkintown, PA

Grew from $25,000/mo. in 2016 to recently $448,016/mo. with 889 HYGIENE APPOINTMENTS/month…& NOW she’s mostly away from the chair! All this in a chrisad “SCRATCH” office…high up in a high-rise building…with no site sign. They will also discuss some of their amazing practice digital monitoring & incentivization systems! Short Q/A period at the end.

Presentations will be available after the event.