Strategically Designed Mailers

The goal of our Creative Services Department is to provide you with a brochure or postcard mailer that you are 100% proud of & comfortable with…as well as one that provides a growth & security platform both now…& into the future. The general communication & physical configuration of your dental marketing mailer has improved & evolved on the basis of thousands of chrisad dental advertising campaigns, years of trial & error, general marketing trends & conditions & perhaps the most important nationwide dental market research since the early 1980s.

All of Our Direct Mail Designs Include:

  • Copyrighted Content Exclusive to Our Clients
  • Photography Exclusive to Our Clients
  • Focus Group & Market-Tested Fonts & Colors
  • Exact Triggering Language & Calls to Action
  • Unique Mailing Formats & Sizes That Get Noticed
  • Comprehensive Practice & Locator Information
  • Special Discounts Available for Large Orders
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Mail Drives More Visits

You can reach 100% of your potential new & existing patient area & drive many more appointments to your office. For more information on the brochure & postcard design process or to start a new mailing campaign today, please contact a chrisad direct mail expert.

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