Welcome Reception | Walking Directions

Walking directions from Aria to The Cosmopolitan 

(please allow for 15 minutes). 

Please show your name badge to security

The easiest and safest way is:

Go to the main level towards main registration. Walk towards Julian Serrano’s restaurant & towards the Crystals shops (Map below for this part). 

Walk straight ahead on that walkway along the shops (inside Crystals). At the end of that walkway, you will see Gucci and Tiffany’s. Make a left there and continue along that walkway. Most of the foot traffic will be walking in this direction. 

When you reach the end of that walkway, it will take you outside of Crystals onto the bridgeway crossing over Harmon Avenue and the door into Cosmopolitan is just on the other side of the road. When you enter you will be on the 2nd floor & you can’t miss the HUGE chandelier of where the welcome reception will take place. Please be sure to bring your name badge or colored bracelet to the event. There will be security checking for this.