Hello & GREAT ’21!

Let’s work together to make 2021 your best year ever… & understand how to enjoyably & more profitably reduce or eliminate owner doctor’s chair time…while increasing sales! Together, we are going to blow past the massive COVID fears & recession cancellations. And the harder & longer you work, the more that YOU will need to know how to have the option of getting out of the chair. Please, you owe it to yourself, your family, your patients & your practice to listen to the following!

Listen to This 80-min Podcast & Learn How to Make 2021 Your Best Year Ever!

Presented by John R. Christensen, Founder & CEO chrisad, Dr. Ced Lewis, Honolulu, & Mr. Matt Kennedy

Rather Than Endure PAIN & Surgery, Learn From a VERY RAPIDLY Growing Client Who Is Prospering…While a Continent Away!

Don’t miss this series of podcasts by FAST GROWING Dr. Ced Lewis, Honolulu…with Mr. Matt Kennedy. Learn about Ced’s past mistakes…& how he is NOW rarely physically at his offices…& prospering at record levels.


Based on chrisad’s 27 Years of Repeated & PROVEN Success, Learn How to Get Out of the Chair While Increasing Sales & Profit

Please listen to the recently updated “Bahamas” book…by John R. Christensen, Founder & CEO chrisad…based on 27 years of successfully guiding many hundreds of DDS out of the chair worldwide.

John Christensen

John Roy Christensen

He is the founder & president of chrisad, the world’s oldest & largest dental marketing & advertising agency.