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You Have Goals. We Will Help You Achieve Them.

Are you looking for a way to help your dental practice stand apart from the growing number of dental practitioners in your area? Chrisad has the answer. With nearly four decades of dental marketing experience, no one else is better qualified to provide you with a results-driven dental marketing campaign than chrisad.

At chrisad, we are driven by the fact that we only do well when our dentists do well. Our marketing is based on the way we know the dental market works, not how we wish it worked. Our dental advertising ideas evolve from continually examining our regularly updated dental consumer research. We take this knowledge & build integrated marketing systems throughout your practice, creating an open pipeline for bringing new dental patients through your door. Just aligning your marketing systems will often help you grow your practice at will & couple that with chrisad’s dental advertising ideas for even more growth. Our methods yield significant & repeatable results because they are founded on hard facts & real numbers, not wishful thinking or unverifiable assumptions.

The next step in the chrisad plan is to use a geographical segmentation scheme to identify the potential patients most likely to respond to your marketing efforts. Our internal marketing strategies are designed to reinforce the ideas of care & quality the dental patient first encounters in your marketing throughout their experience at your practice, ensuring you receive patients of the highest quality.

The end result is that our dental marketing turns fragile potential patients into loyal & happy patients who refer their friends, family & co-workers because they trust that they receive the best possible dental care from you, their neighborhood dentist. We help you ensure that patients feel that you are their dentist & they belong at your practice.

Our unrivaled experience marketing dental practices means that we know which elements affect the growth of a dental practice & which don’t.

we know which elements affect the growth of a dental practice & which don’t

What we’ve discovered is that there are NO LIMITS to what you can achieve for your dental practice with the right tools & guidance. Share your goals with us & we will help you make them a reality.