Dental Practice Statistical Analysis

One of the requirements of our growth management guidance is that you regularly send us your dental practice’s new patient, hygiene department & production numbers. Using your actual practice statistics, we are able to identify problems, track your progress toward your goals, & customize the aggressiveness of your dental practice marketing efforts.

Think of these numbers like bleed points & pocket depth on a perio patient: They are vital information for creating your practice’s “treatment plan” & keeping track of progress.

Chrisad’s long history of working with dentists has granted us keen insight into the behavioral linkages between hygiene appointments, new patients & production among a host of other practice characteristics. Using these observed associations, our clients can be assured that their practice goals, whether they want to increase production or expand their patient base, can be achieved through innovative tactics that may not have been previously considered.

Some relationships we have discovered between these statistics include:

  • Direct correlations between number of hygiene appointments per month & office production
  • How many available appointments are required in order to retain your current patient base while still acquiring new patients
  • Hygiene & production tiers that indicate when the addition of new staff members is necessary
  • Ratio of hygiene appointments to restorative procedures

Our informational database boasts practice statistics from over 1,400 dentists & counting from throughout the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand & Australia. This advantage allows us at chrisad, & you as our client, great insight into current & upcoming trends in the dental industry that would be unidentifiable without such economies of scale.

With chrisad & our ever increasing client base, you can be assured that your dental practice will never face an issue alone or one that has not been encountered & overcome by one of our many other clients.