Shopper Call Evaluations

Chrisad staff will conduct frequent “shopper” calls to get a snapshot of how your dental practice is handling new patients. These calls begin right after your first inquiry about chrisad’s dental marketing & will continue after your chrisad Representative & Account Manager start training the dentist & the whole team at your dental practice.

Shopper calls give us a glimpse into what the average new patient experiences when they call your office. They are also an opportunity for your staff to practice responding to patient inquiries in a way that is welcoming instead of intimidating.

New Patients Are Fragile

Even existing dental patients should be treated with this special level of care when they call, but our dental consumer studies have shown that new patients are particularly fragile. They are embarrassed about how long it’s been since their last visit, they’re confused about their dental insurance & possibly even phobic about the dentist in general. Shopper calls help your dental team make sure they either avoid or soothe these anxieties so your practice gains more dental patients instead of pushing them away.

Identifying Roadblocks

Shopper calls can also determine if there are structural & management roadblocks preventing new & returning patients from entering your practice. Staff is evaluated on how well they follow the guidelines in our phone scripts. These scripts are intended portray your practice as care-focused as opposed to money-focused in the eyes of the dental consumer. However, how well the script is followed can also reveal whether there are deeper problems in the operation of your dental practice. These problems can make it nearly impossible for your staff to generate the right responses & therefore keep you from bringing in more new dental patients.

Fixing the Problems

All shopper calls are reviewed after the fact with the dentist, dental practice manager or owner. If any problems are uncovered, your chrisad Representative or Account Manager will arrange to discuss solutions with you. In cases where severe problems appear, we may even recommend that you suspend your dental marketing campaign until the issue has been fixed. We can’t help you sell a product if it isn’t on the shelf!

High Scores Pay Off

Like all of our recommendations, shopper calls are based on research & statistical data. High scores on these calls mean fewer no shows & cancellations, more new dental patients in your chairs & more opportunities to provide advanced treatment & increase your production. The numbers do not lie: Our fastest-growing clients’ staffs routinely score perfectly on these calls!