Dental-Only Recruiting

We help practices recruit, onboard & retain the best staff for their practice.

Chrisad Profitability Optimization works with the fastest growing privately-owned dental practices in the world. We help them recruit, onboard & retain the highest quality dental talent possible. Associates & owners engage with us to find the right fit & ensure they are building career-spanning opportunities that enrich the lives of all parties.

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Find Great Doctors,
Hygienists & More

We are with you every step of the way, from determining the optimal candidate profile & reviewing internal systems, to screening candidates &, most importantly, providing you the follow-up & support that both parties need to ensure the long-term success of the relationship.

“Very little gives us greater joy than to see many hundreds of our clients spend more time away with their families relaxing…while their practices are enjoyably growing & prospering at increasing levels. On the other hand, we are becoming increasingly saddened encountering too many clients…as they grow older…facing the nightmare of surgery, debilitating pain & injury from being ‘in the chair’ too long. Or they sell their practices unnecessarily. At chrisad, we owe it to our clients to do whatever it takes to keep this from occurring.”

– John Roy Christensen, Founder & President of chrisad

Looking for a Dental Career?

We have connections to some of the best dental practices in the world & can help you find a great employer in your area.