Scheduling Optimization

A great dental practice can only thrive as well as its schedule allows. As a chrisad dentist, you’ll hear us use the word “capacity” frequently, which is one way we refer to whether you can fulfill the promises made on your dental marketing brochure & other dental marketing collateral. Your dental practice’s schedule is a huge part of what we refer to as capacity.

Chrisad’s scheduling recommendations maximize patient acquisition, re-care rates, dental treatment acceptance & production. These recommendations emerged from studying the data from our dental market research & years of observing best practices in thousands of dental offices. These scheduling strategies have be applied, tested & perfected by thousands of practices in all the markets we serve around the world.

Like all of our dental practice marketing, your scheduling strategy will be tailored to make the most of your situation & help you grow & improve toward your dental practice’s goals.

The first step of chrisad’s scheduling optimization is to make sure your practice is open during the hours that dental patients in your area are asking for. We will analyze your existing schedule to see when demand to dental appointments is highest & review your preliminary Shopper Calls to get an idea which hours your staff is trying to fill & which have patients waiting for weeks to get in.

Next we’ll help you configure each hour of availability for each dental chair to maximize production. With chrisad’s hour-by-hour scheduling optimization, you’ll know when to dedicate chairs to hygiene vs. restorative, how to maximize your associate dentist, when to assist your hygienists & which hours of operation will bring you the most growth.

As a final step, all pieces of your dental practice marketing will be updated to promote your new optimal schedule. We will help you effectively announce your new hours to both new & existing dental patients using reactivation letters & banners outside your dental practice.