Phone Handling

You only get one chance to make a first impression, & for many most dental patients a phone call is their first interaction with your practice. Our studies have shown that there are common mistakes dentists & their staff make on the phone that you should avoid in order to attract the best dental patients.

A properly handled incoming call will result in shorter calls & more patients coming in, referring & accepting treatment. Mishandling patient inquiries can limit your growth by filtering out quality patients. Based on our research & experience, we’ve crafted phone scripts to help guide your staff to communicate with patients in terms they value & understand. We can help your staff avoid language that fragile potential patients may find off-putting. By following the guidelines in our phone scripts your practice can maximize new patient flows & re-care rates while minimizing no-shows & cancellations.

Having enough front desk staff to answer phones & enough phone lines to handle the calls is also essential to giving a great first impression to dental patients. A receptionist who continually has to put patients on hold or a dental practice where patients get an answering machine during business hours sends dangerous signals to your marketplace. Contrary to dental practice “mythology”, if a patient can’t get through, they don’t think, “They’re so busy, they must be a popular practice & a great dentist!” Instead, they might think you’re so disorganized & unprepared that you can’t even have someone answer the phone, & they might make the same assumptions the quality of the dental care your practice provides! Chrisad phone handling training solves this problem by recommending the optimal number of phone lines based on your number of operatories, the size & configuration of your staff, & your business hours.

We can help you address patients’ top concerns before they even mention them & pre-sell the excellence of your dental practice so patients go into their first appointment with positive feelings about the dental care they will receive.