Marketing Campaigns

Direct Mail Brochures

Our direct mail is proven to bring in new patients. We create your brochures & postcards using our research-backed designs & your logo, enhancing your dental practice’s image through consistent branding. As new patients receive your marketing, they can be assured of your professionalism & have trust in your practice.


Internal Brochures

We can create specialized brochures for you to hand out to your existing patients highlighting in-office savings programs or specialties such as orthodontics, periodontics, dental implants & more.



We can create promotional posters & flyers for inside your office or special events that are consistent with your other marketing & properly reflect your dental practice brand.


Promotional Postcards

Promote your dental practice & the services & offers you provide with specialized postcards. Designs can feature seasonal offers, special events, or simply emphasize the trustworthiness & professionalism of your practice.


Print Ads

While not the most powerful part of your marketing campaign, a well-designed & synergistic print ad in a local publication can be an important way to keep you & your dental practice in the forefront of potential patients’ minds.


Recall Cards

Invite existing clients back to your practice with recall cards that reinforce the familiarity of your practice brand & communicate in terms they understand & value.