Internal Dental Office Brochures

A fully integrated & synergistic marketing campaign includes effective internal marketing, which holds as much importance as does its external marketing counterparts.

Internal dental office brochures for patients are an excellent source of internal marketing as they allow doctors to inform patients or promote additional services to patients. These dental office brochures can cover a variety of topics that your existing patients will be more receptive to, as they are now more familiar with the office & trust the practice more than a new patient that has yet to have an appointment.

Many of our dental clients have experienced a great deal of success from these dental office brochures for their internal marketing. They can help your office to sell elective cosmetic treatments like teeth whitening, dental implants & veneers.

These informational internal brochures are perfect for these campaigns as they do not require any postage costs & offer the patient a plethora of information on the subject. The best part is that the patient, by his or her action of picking up this internal dental office brochure, has actively chosen to review the information. Therefore, this patient has shown an interest in potentially having the treatment done & will be more likely to purchase said product or service.

Using these internal dental office brochures has also been widely successful for many of our clients to showcase & register patients without insurance for internal dental programs that offer patients & their families many of the benefits of dental insurance, such as preventive care for no out-of-pocket cost, for a nominal monthly or annual fee.

Internal Brochure Samples

Chrisad dental office brochures example - internal brochures - Weldon Spring Dental - Weldon Springs, MO

Weldon Spring Dental

Chrisad dental office brochures example - internal brochures - Central Valley Dental Care - Mesa, AZ

Central Valley Dental Care

Chrisad dental office brochures example - internal brochures - Sayers Family Dental - Colorado Springs, CO

Sayers Family Dental

Chrisad has designed these dental office brochures in a variety of different sizes & layouts & covering many different topics & products. However, the two most commonly used dimensions are:

  • 3-panel brochures – 11” by 8.5” with each panel roughly 3.625” wide
  • 4-panel brochures – 11” by 14” with each panel roughly 3.5” wide

Because these dental office brochures focus on a select few specific products or services, we are able to include all the necessary information while keeping the size small enough that they are easily transported & passed along by patients to co-workers, friends & family members, increasing your dental practice’s brand exposure, strengthening brand identity & stimulating referrals.

These internal dental office brochures can be used for any service, product or promotion but some of the more common examples include:

  • Promoting an in-office dental coverage plan for uninsured patients
  • Informing patients about sleep apnea treatment options
  • Showcasing cosmetic restorations, such as full mouth reconstructions
  • Promoting dental implants & dentures
  • Advertising various orthodontic options
  • Treatment information for patients with periodontitis
  • Presenting teeth whitening products & their amazing results
    …& anything else you may want your patients to be better informed about

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