In-Office Growth Checkup Meetings

There is only so much information that can be gleaned over the phone or by reviewing your dental practice’s statistics. Oftentimes the major factors in a practice’s success are quantitative characteristics that can only be reviewed during in-office meetings.

Every few months your chrisad Growth Management Representative will meet with you (& sometimes your staff) in person to discuss your dental marketing & your progress toward your practice growth goals. These meetings are key to ensuring the management of your dental practice lines up with your marketing & advertising so you can efficiently & effectively attract & keep more dental patients.

When visiting your dental practice, our Growth Management Representatives will have the ability to:

  • Review your current schedules to ensure efficiency in scheduling methodology
  • Look to future months in your schedule to check that pre-appointment is being done properly
  • Identify possibilities for signs, banners & other branding campaigns at your dental practice
  • Train & work with staff members on patient interaction both over the phone & in the office
  • Conduct, when necessary, “secret patient” dental appointments to understand the experience of a real patient at your practice
  • Review upgrades & additions to your dental marketing campaign

In addition, your Growth Management Representative will be able to verify that the data we are receiving from your practice is accurately collected. There are often times when statistics simply do not tell the whole story. Your dedicated team of chrisad growth specialists will combine analysis of your practice data with the in-person observations & insights from these meetings to help craft your marketing & growth strategy.

Think of these meetings as a regular “hygiene” appointment for your practice. Your chrisad Representative will identify possible problems & goals & craft a plan that results in more growth & security for your practice.