Train Your Staff to Bring in More New Patients

At chrisad, we understand that all forms of communication with dental patients are marketing communications. As a chrisad dentist, your dedicated team of dental marketing specialists will provide you & your practice with dental staff training to ensure that you are talking to dental patients in terms they value & understand.

Open the Flow of New Patients

Very few things are as vital to your potential to grow your dental practice as your new patient inflow systems. We have crafted step-by-step training programs that ensure patients who call in schedule a dental appointment, don’t cancel or no-show, & are more likely to refer friends & family. These strategies are based on decades of analyzing dental patient behavior & client data & have been proven successful in hundreds of chrisad dental practices.

Communicating With Patients About Insurance

How your practice handles the tricky topic of dental insurance can be the line between practice growth & stagnation or decline. Our studies have shown that patients have a very limited understanding of their dental insurance, which makes it a sensitive subject for the already fragile potential new patient. Chrisad’s dental staff training & scripting regarding insurance-handling makes sure all patients feel welcome at your practice, no matter their insurance situation.

Increase Patient Re-Care Rates & Referrals

Ensuring existing patients continue cyclical care, accept treatment & provide referrals also comes down to communication. Whether you want to sell more dental implants, get more patients to accept periodontal treatment, start more Invisalign® cases, or even perform more teeth whitening, how you, your hygienists & other staff talk to patients can make a huge difference. We provide dental practices with guidelines, scripts & example videos for how to present treatment plans for soft tissue management, how to hand-off a patient from the hygienist to the dentist & much more.

Be a Trusted & Caring Dentist

The purpose of this dental staff training is to help build trust by making sure patients view you as care-focused, not money-focused. Chrisad designs your dental brochures, postcards & even your dental practice’s logo & business cards to reinforce this concept of “trust & caring”. If there is a split between what a potential new dental patient sees in your marketing for your practice & how they are treated in your office, your practice will have a hard time keeping patients in cyclical care & getting them to accept treatment plans.

Reward the Team for Hitting Growth Goals

We strongly believe that what’s best for the dental patient is best for the dental practice. However, when motivation lags & you see your dental team’s morale slipping, a bonus or incentive system can help get your practice back on track. Chrisad has helped many practices create custom bonus systems that reward everyone, from front desk staff to hygienists to associate dentists, for hitting goals, creating monetary incentives that also improve patient care.

A Dental Marketing Campaign to Match

Our dental staff training ensures that the impression left by your chrisad dental marketing campaign matches the patient’s in-office experience. Once we have created the “demand” we want to make sure that your dental practice is trained & ready to provide the “supply” of friendly, competent & welcoming dental care to your new & returning dental patients.