Dental Practice Management

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Chrisad’s approach is based on synergistic marketing, which means that your custom marketing campaign is only one part of the growth puzzle. How you & your staff interact with patients & potential patients is a form of marketing, just like a brochure or an ad. Our decades of market research have helped us craft strategies that configure in-office systems & best practices for dental practice management that set you up for maximum growth.

Clients with chrisad have their own dedicated team of dental marketing specialists, including a local Growth Management Representative who will visit your practice regularly to give specialized training to you & your staff & help keep track of trends in your marketplace. We can help practices create incentive systems to motivate staff, schedules that make it easy to fill every chair, communication systems that maximize treatment acceptance & inflow systems that bring in scores of new patients.

Your chrisad team will keep an eye on potential roadblocks to your growth & help you break through them when they occur. If a problem arises, we may even recommend you suspend your marketing campaigns until it’s resolved & you’re back on the right track.

What’s best for the patient is best for the practice, & what’s best for the practice is best for you & your staff.

Staff Training

At chrisad, we understand that all forms of communication with patients are marketing communications. As a chrisad client, your dedicated team of dental marketing specialists will provide you & your staff with training to ensure that you are talking to patients in terms they value & understand.


Phone Scripts

A properly handled incoming call will result in shorter calls & more patients coming in, referring & accepting treatment. Mishandling patient inquiries can limit your growth by filtering out quality patients. Based on our research & experience, we’ve crafted phone scripts to help guide your staff to communicate with patients in terms they can understand & avoid language that fragile potential patients may find off-putting. By following the guidelines in our phone scripts your practice can maximize new patient flows & re-care rates while minimizing no-shows & cancellations.


Shopper Call Evaluations

Chrisad staff will conduct frequent “shopper” calls to get a snapshot of your practice & determine if there are roadblocks preventing new & returning patients from entering your practice. Staff is evaluated on how well they follow the guidelines in our phone scripts & therefore whether they portray your practice as care-focused, as opposed to money-focused. We will later review these calls with you & discuss solutions to any problems that may be uncovered. The numbers do not lie: Our fastest-growing clients have staff that routinely score perfectly on these calls!


Scheduling Optimization

A great dental practice can only thrive as well as its schedule allows. We have applied the hard data from our dental market research & years of observing best dental practice management systems in thousands of dental offices to create scheduling recommendations that maximize both patient retention & production. With chrisad’s scheduling optimization, you’ll know when to dedicate chairs to hygiene vs. restorative, how to maximize your associate dentist, when to assist your hygienists, & which hours of operation will bring you the most growth.


In-Office Growth Checkup Meetings

Every few months your chrisad Growth Management Representative will meet with you (& sometimes your staff) in person to discuss your marketing & your progress toward your goals. Think of these meetings as a regular “hygiene” appointment for your practice. Your chrisad Representative will identify possible problems & goals & craft a plan that results in more growth & security for your practice.


Statistical Analysis

One of the requirements of our dental practice management guidance is that you regularly send us your new patient, hygiene department & production numbers. Using your actual practice statistics, we are able to identify problems, track your progress toward your goals, & customize the aggressiveness of your marketing efforts.