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If you’re using one company for your advertising, one for your website, another for your appointment cards, & your staff isn’t communicating to patients with a consistent voice, you’re suffering from fragmentation. This can hurt not just your practice’s reputation, but also your ability to get new patients & keep existing patients.

Synergistic marketing uses a consistent advertising message & brand identity across various marketing channels. Uniting your advertising, patient communication & internal systems under a single strategy conveys competence & trustworthiness to patients.

With synergistic marketing, we can say that 1+1+1=10. Chrisad’s synergistic dental marketing services use elements that we have specially selected for their effectiveness in the dental market. The dental marketing services & products we offer & the practice management recommendations we make are designed to reinforce each other. When your marketing efforts are integrated under a single strategic vision, every element becomes more powerful than it would be by itself.

All of our recommendations are based on our unprecedented dental market research. We conduct surveys & focus groups regularly & update our research annually to track developing trends & keep our finger on the pulse of the dental consumer. We have unequaled insight into what dental patients truly want.

Make your dental practice a respected household name in your community. The biggest & most successful brands in the world use synergistic marketing & constant market research to grow & maintain their dominance. We use both to make your dental practice a respected household name in your community that stands out from the competition. A beneficial effect on your bottom line is inevitable.