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Today’s dentist needs more than just a website. You need to drive patients to you from multiple online sources & make sure these channels integrate fully with your other branding & marketing efforts. These interlocking channels do more than just give you higher page ranking. They funnel new & existing patients directly to appointment portals that allow for easy online booking & much higher retention rates.

Responsive Website Design

Secure & Responsive Website With Hosting

In recent years, chrisad has documented that consumer trust of dental professionals is at an all-time low! Let a chrisad’s optimal website architecture, including a look that is consistent with the rest of your chrisad marketing, send a message of integrity & clinical excellence to all who visit! Check out a demo of a chrisad dental practice website design below.

See our optimally configured web design here.

Domain Name Purchasing

Your address on the web is one of the ways you reinforce your brand in patients’ minds. We’ll help you select an optimal web address options & purchase the one(s) you select. Domains are reserved for 1 year, but we will renew yours automatically on an annual basis so you won’t have to worry about it again.

Search Engine Optimization Package

Localized search engine optimization helps you get found by local patients who are searching for a dentist in their area. Don’t compete with the entire web! Our Enterprise SEO Package includes all the latest best practices that make it easy for patients to reach out to you instantly & encourage search engines to put your website higher up in results. We’ll even track your progress with analytics data tracking & reports from one of our web specialists.

Custom Email Addresses & Email Hosting

We use the robust G Suite email service to provide our clients with custom email addresses to match their website domain name. Get professional email addresses for you & your entire staff along with the file sharing & other tools & apps that come with the G Suite platform.

Online Booking Software

Our online self-scheduling tool connects directly to your practice management software, allowing patients to schedule an appointment even when your front office staff is not available. Our latest research confirms that many patients make appointments will make appointments at night, after your practice is closed! With customizable filters, the self-scheduler provides 100% accurate openings by provider, chair & appointment type. No more lost appointments, double-booking or miscommunication!

Add-On Digital Marketing Services

Pay-Per-Click Ad Campaigns

Get the word out to your local community through optimal search-engine ads & display ads. Target people using a precise range of dental-related keywords to capture potential patients who are looking for a dentist just like you. Optimal messaging reflects your other chrisad marketing & reinforces the key “triggering points” that our dental consumer market research proves patients will respond to.

Email Marketing

Re-engage & retain existing patients through our highly integrated email marketing campaigns. Keep your practice in the forefront of patients’ minds while reminding them of the great service you provide. Email blasts can be purchased individually or 6 or 12-month increments. If you have our Online Booking service, this tool is automatically integrated into your email campaigns.

Reputation Management

Take a more active role in your practice’s online reputation & engage with more patients. This unique platform will allow you to message potential patients, answer questions, book appointments, & generate more online reviews, all from one dashboard.

Google My Business

Your Google My Business profile is a vital but often overlooked part of your online presence. We’ll make sure it is up-to-date & accurate, making it easier for searchers to find the information they need & contact you immediately. We will also provide guidance for optimally responding to consumer questions & custom posts that integrate with your existing chrisad marketing.

Practice Analytics Software & Services

Call Tracking & Reporting

For practice owners who want a better idea of where their marketing traffic is coming from, we offer call tracking service. Using unique tracking numbers placed on your printed marketing & your digital marketing, we can identify the source of callers. Data is collected on the entire appointment cycle, including the caller’s location.

Direct Data Retrieval & Reports

Your practice management software already contains a wealth of data both about how your patients behave & how your practice is performing. The trick is to get that info off your servers & computers & into an easily digestible form. We use special software that directly & securely integrates with your computer system to extract data & translate it into daily reports that show key metrics about your practice’s operations. With these reports, you can easily identify trouble spots & opportunities for higher growth & production. It’s like a diagnostic x-ray of your business!

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