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Our Upcoming No Limits Conferences No Limits XVIX — Thursday, March 4 & Friday, March 5, 2021 2019 No Limits Highlight Reel! Call for More Details – 1-800-505-4150 No Limits XVIII — Thursday, March 3 & Friday, March 4, 2022 Our Upcoming No Limits Conferences No Limits XVIX — Thursday, March 4 & Friday, March 5, 2021 2019 No Limits Highlight Reel! Call for More Details – 1-800-505-4150 No Limits XVIII — Thursday, March 3 & Friday, March 4, 2022

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“I would highly recommend No Limits.
This is the 2nd year I have attended & each time
I came away with exciting ideas to implement into my practice. ”

Chris Schiappa, DDS – Pioneer, CA
“Awesome!! Great info once again. It’s been 4 years since
I attended No Limits…really glad I attended!
Now time to go & make it happen & with
your great team helping, anything is possible. Thank you!”

Jason Hilde, DDS – Burlington, WA
“Every year I come I feel so glad that I did. So much inspiration,
so much enthusiasm, so much to take back to serve people better,
& how to be a better person in the office & personal life.
Can’t explain in words how lucky I feel to be part of my Chrisad family.
I have so many resources that give me the best advice whenever
I need from their heart without any selfishness.”

Jaswinder Ghuman, DDS – San Jose, CA
“My second year at the Chrisad No Limits Conference - Las Vegas.
I loved it, I learned so much from the different speakers.
Great mix of long term success with newer success stories. Very organized. ”

Justin Coke – San Antonio, TX
“It is a life changing experience to learn from the dentists
across the country who are making massive changes
& improvements in their business.”

Scott Brown, DDS – Las Vegas, NV
“This was one of the most useful conferences I have ever attended
in my 25 years of dentistry. Not only was the information useful,
but the opportunities to speak with other offices is worth its weight in gold!”

Paul Burns, DDS – Weldon Spring, CO
“This was my first seminar; we have been implementing
chrisad for 10 months. I was skeptical at first, but jumped in with both feet.
After doing dental hygiene for over 30 years,
I can honestly say this has been the best business model I have ever seen.
Everybody wins — the patient, the doctor & especially the hygienist.
I’ve tripled my income & yet still provide the same quality & care I always have.”

Ryan Bailey, DDS – Coos Bay, OR
“We went to my first conference in LA last spring.
This time was also a very motivating experience.
I can’t wait to get back to work Monday to implement
all of my new information. Thank you for the experience.”

Chad Chaffall, DDS – Mesa, AZ
“Warning: If you come to no limits this year, you’ll have a lot on your
to do list. But get ready because next year you’re bringing the staff.
Once you get it & open the gates the growth will exceed your expectations.
The community will benefit from your ability to care for them.”

Ryan Bailey, DDS – Coos Bay, OR
“Each time we’ve been to No Limits, we leave with a ton of new ideas
to improve our practice & learn how to practice dentistry
in a better way for our patients. This year was no different!
We are so excited to have brought our entire team this year.
We will do it again in the future for sure!
No Limits is definitively where growth is happening!”

Theresa Dale – New Albany, IN

No Limits is a 100% non-profit conference.

We host this event so your practice can grow & we grow as a byproduct

Remember, we only do well when you do well!

Meet Our Founder & CEO

John Christensen is the found & president of chrisad, the worlds largest & most experienced dental marketing & advertising agency. Since 1980 he has been in a unique position to monitor leading-edge critical, worldwide dental marketplace trends & practice-performance factors.

Meet the Leaders of Our New Dental World & Learn Their Secrets.

Insights From Northwestern University & chrisad Consumer Studies

New Secrets to Attracting More Patients & Working Less

Learn Directly From the Most Successful Dentists

Join Us to Find Out Why There are No Limits to Your Potential

Chrisad hosts No Limits, our annual dental conferences, which are filled with many of the people & ideas that have revolutionized the way thousands of dental practices are run. We also host Mini No Limits seminars throughout the year. See below for dates and locations!

These dental conferences are unique, very affordable, 100% non-profit events designed to help chrisad clients enjoy continued prosperity & growth. Many have left the conference saying that it was the most essential & powerful dental learning event they’ve ever attended! In fact, on average clients who attend No Limits events grow 29% faster than those who do not.

In addition to being pioneers of the dental community, many of the chosen speakers are having success in tough, disadvantaged marketplaces where many others have failed. Even successful dental practices can benefit from attending these dental conferences. No Limits features dental practitioners from a wide range of markets who will share insight with you on how to grow your dental practice. Hear accounts from real chrisad clients! Learn from their successes & failures at our No Limits conference!

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