Chrisad’s Best Investment Advice for 2017

Here at chrisad, we are constantly looking at our data & our clients’ practices to find investment opportunities for growth that go beyond dental marketing. Not only that, we are on the lookout for ways to improve your lives & the lives of your staff & patients. In that light, here are a few “investment” opportunities we’ve identified for you.

Why pour stacks of money into dicey Wall Street-type stocks & funds, possibly managed by “Enron” accountants, where the “Wolf of Wall Street” will only allow you a fraction of the REAL return? Why not turn your practice into your own GOLDEN GOOSE EMPIRE that allows you to both better care for the public & enjoy unimagined growth…in perpetuity?

We do the dental market research for you, giving you the tools to trust ONLY that which you can quantify & control. Rather than guess or gamble, bet on a sure thing: YOUR PREDICTABLY PROSPERING PRACTICE! You’ll be able to pass it on to your kids or your spouse as the thriving “family business”, regardless of whether they’re dentists or not. Soon this will be a matter of survival.

Here are a few great ways you can “invest” in your practice:

Invest in One or More “Prime Time Only” Hygienist(s):

Just one competent assisted Saturday hygienist—working only 4 days a month, 8 hours a day—will allow many more high quality, insured patients into your practice. The amount produced by these additional hygiene checks pales in comparison to the payroll for the hygienist in this time slot. Talk about return on investment! Continue to add more hygiene hours for similar exponential growth!

Want to know what we mean by “Prime Time”? Want to learn about the benefits of assisted hygiene? Contact us today!

Perfect the Art of Selecting, Mentoring & Managing Associates:

The older you are, the sooner you MUST find a way to get out of the chair. Instead, you must focus on becoming a great manager of associate dentists. All our evidence indicates that most of the public can’t distinguish between a dentist with outstanding clinical skills & one whose skills are just so-so. Patients aren’t going to notice a sudden drop in care quality if you step away from the chair to start mentoring your associates. But the longer you’re in the chair, the sooner you’ll burn out & the less competent a manager you’ll be. Some associates are the most productive dentists in the world! Why not yours? Save your back & save your practice!

Add Shifts During Hours That Your Office Is Not Currently Open:

You’re paying for every square foot of your practice regardless of whether it’s open or not; why not maximize your return? Think of this as adding a “scratch practice” on top of your existing one. All chrisad data suggests that patients who are checked in hygiene during “Prime Time” hours produce 2x to 3x more! Many of our offices are now open as many as 110 hours per week & generate over $1 MILLION per chair, per year!

Want a custom strategy for opening, staffing & using dental marketing to promote additional hours? Want to know what we mean by “Prime Time”? Call us today!

Develop a Formal & Replicable Practice Management System:

Fundamental practice rules, regulations & policies must be written down & accessible for all team members to adhere to. Since our dental marketplace is VERY RAPIDLY EVOLVING, the pathway to success is changing frequently. So these rules must be instantly upgradable. Learn from experience & update it with what works & what doesn’t. Once you have a solid “guidebook” to your practice you can apply it to one office or 100! The better your system, the more decades you’ll grow & prosper…regardless of whether the owner is looking over everyone’s shoulders!

Invest in Attending chrisad’s No Limits Conference in November:

Yes, this is a shameless plug, but there’s a good reason for it. We’ve found that the above concepts truly come alive for most dentists & their staffs when they HEAR & UNDERSTAND them from genuine, honest & uncompensated dentist speakers at our annual No Limits event. Meet these successful practitioners, who are dentists just like you, & learn how to push ahead with FAR MORE DENTAL PATIENTS into a future where your practice will grown predictably & consistently. Senior doctors learn to limit chair time…while growing & prospering from their family’s healthy “Golden Goose”. Learn the difference between working in your practice & working on your practice. Don’t miss it! Register today.

If you are not pushing ahead, you will soon fall behind. You have the opportunity to own ALL the SHARES of YOUR OWN very good company (i.e. practice), that you control & can blast into the stratosphere! Why invest in mutual funds, stocks, retirement or college funds when investing in your practice can yield you MANY TIMES MORE return…with superior tax advantages?

To learn more about how chrisad’s growth strategies go beyond just advertising your practice, contact us today. It’s time to put integrated dental marketing to work for you!